a collector's cuvée

a collector's cuvée

To celebrate her brother Cristiano Ronaldo’s 777th career goal, Elma Aveiro is launching a series of 777 collector’s bottles, numbered from 1 to 777, of a unique prestige cuvée. The cuvée “the 777 goals”, specially created for Cristiano Ronaldo, is a 2016 vintage 50% pinot, 50% chardonnay, delivered in its precious case. You can already order it.





777 golden section, number of optimism, success and dreams that come true.

777 as a new, exceptional limit, surpassed by an exceptional man.

777 is the union between Elma Aveiro and her brother. An exceptional cuvée for an exceptional man. Champagne The 777 Goals opens the most beautiful of pages: that of brotherly, sincere, faithful love.

777 is the meeting of Elma Aveiro and Cristiano Ronaldo with the land of Champagne, and with the elixir it has produced for centuries. An elixir of pleasure and happiness, intense and magical.

Brotherly love is more durable; it resembles the precious stone that resists the harshest metals and whose value increases with the years


Work, perseverance and the pursuit of excellence at all times are the watchwords that drive all Elma Aveiro’s projects: a family tradition taken to the highest level by her brother.

It was only natural that Elma Aveiro should turn to the conreaux champagne Clement Victor family in the Champagne village of Janvry, who share the same values, when she set about launching the champagne brand. Dylan Rodrigues, creator of L’Art du Champagne, was born in the heart of the Champagne vineyards, and is in love with his region and the treasures it contains. He is responsible for distributing The 777 Goals champagne.

This project was created to produce and celebrate the most glorious and precious of wines. The vintage cuvée “The 777 Goals” It seemed only natural to associate Elma’s brother with the event, whose collector’s cuvée celebrates the resounding feat of a 777th career goal and his professional career.

LIMITED EDITION OF 777 unique bottles!

It is not abundance, but excellence that is wealth.