a collector's cuvée

a collector's cuvée

To celebrate the 777th career goal of her brother, Elma Aveiro launches a series of 777 collector bottles, numbered from 1 to 777, of a unique prestige cuvée. The cuvée «the 777 goals», specially elaborated for the event is a 2016 vintage 50% pinot, 50% chardonnay, delivered in its precious case. You can already order it.





777 golden section, number of optimism, success and dreams that come true.

777 as a new limit, exceptional.

777 This is Elma Aveiro’s gift to her brother. An exceptional cuvée for an exceptional man. Champagne Elma Aveiro, to write its new history, had to begin with the most beautiful page: that of fraternal, sincere, faithful love.

777 Elma Aveiro’s meeting with the land of Champagne, and with the elixir which it has produced for several centuries. An elixir of pleasure, happiness, intense and magical, of which the vintage 777 is the first bottle that the Champagne Elma Aveiro celebrates.

Brotherly love is more durable; it resembles the precious stone that resists the harshest metals and whose value increases with the years


Work, perseverance and the quest for excellence at every moment are the key words that animate all the projects carried out by Elma Aveiro: a family tradition that her brother has taken to the highest level.

It is quite naturally towards a man who carries the same values that Elma Aveiro turned to when she began to launch her brand of Champagne: Dylan Rodrigues, creator of the Art of Champagne, born in the heart of the Champagne vineyard, lovers of its region and the treasures it holds.

Elma Aveiro and Dylan Rodrigues teamed up to produce and celebrate the most glorious and precious of wines. The vintage’s cuvée “the 777 goals” marks the launch of the Champagne Elma Aveiro. Elma’s brother seemed natural to be associated with the event.This collector’s cuvée celebrates the resounding feat of a 777th goal in a professional career.

It is these same values of hard work, self-sacrifice, but also this taste for excellence and challenge, shared by the house of Champagne Clément Victor, in Janvry near Reims, which produces the Champagne Elma Aveiro.

It is not abundance, but excellence that is wealth.